Q1. What’s the difference between natural and regular cosmetics?

   A. The Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, which sets standards for
     cosmetics, does not provide a definition for the terms,
    “additive free” or “natural.” These terms were conceived
    by cosmetics manufacturers, and in actuality, there are no
    definitive differences between regular and natural cosmetics.
    A little bit of probing is necessary in order to figure out
    what each manufacturer is claiming as “natural.” At Le Chêne,
    “natural” means that we do not use preservatives, synthetic
    surfactants or other ingredients that are unnecessary for the
    preservation of healthy skin.

Q2. Why don’t you use preservatives at Le Chene?

   A.Preservatives are actually used to keep cosmetics from spoiling
    due to microbial contamination that may occur during the
    manufacturing process. Preservatives prevent spoilage by killing
    bacteria, which in turn can cause damage to skin cells. Based on
    the concept of excluding non-essential ingredients in our products,
    Le Chene has dedicated many years of research to finding a method
    to produce cosmetics without using preservatives.

Q3. Are cosmetics that do not contain preservatives safe to use?

   A.Le Chene products are manufactured by Maple Bio Laboratory,
   which also deals with bacteriological testing as well as development
   of food and medical goods. By drawing on proprietary know-how
   regarding how to control bacterial growth, and through the adoption
   of airless bottles, Maple Bio Laboratory has found a way to prevent
   bacterial contamination. For this reason, our cosmetics do not require
   refrigeration, and does not come with a short expiration date.