Cosmetic Chemistry NO.2

What is ATP??

ATP stands for Adenosine Triphosphate.
The chemical formula for ATP is:


We humans think food=energy source, and when we have a little too much to eat we have the tendency to believe that we need to exercise to work it off. To us, eating=energy supply. So, what actually goes on in our bodies after we eat?
The nutrients (carbohydrate, protein, fat) that our bodies extract from the food we eat are digested and absorbed, and then the organic compound called ATP is produced through a process beginning with glycolysis, followed by the citric acid cycle, and finally electron transport.
This ATP is the energy source used for biological activity including muscle contraction.

Besides humans, ATP can also be found in animals, plants and microorganisms (bacteria).

If the facial muscle is left in a relaxed state for a long time, gradually it loses its elasticity.

The firmness of the skin strongly relates to elasticity of the facial muscle.

If you feel your facial muscles are lacking exercise, try moving those muscles consciously on a daily basis by opening your mouth and eyes wide.
Laugh a lot, talk a lot!! Keep in mind that keeping your facial muscles moving, and living each day actively leads to firm and toned skin.